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Robert T. Jiménez, Ph.D.

Vanderbilt University 

    Robert T. Jiménez, Ph.D. (PI), was President of the Literacy Research Association. He is professor of Language, Literacy, and Culture at Vanderbilt. He has received 3 Fulbright Awards, the Albert J. Harris Award for research on struggling Latino readers from the International Reading Association, and the Alan C. Purves Award from NCTE for research most likely to benefit classroom practice (which was for analysis of the pilot work on TRANSLATE). He has published 8 articles in Reading Research Quarterly and 3 in the American Educational Research Journal, as well as in The Journal of Teacher Education, Research in the Teaching of English and the Literacy Research Journal. In addition, he has published numerous articles in practitioner journals such The Reading Teacher, Language Arts and Journal of Adult and Adolescent Literacy. He has experience directing research projects funded by the U. S. Department of Education and a teacher education grant funded by OBEMLA. In his previous research projects, Jiménez has directed mixed-methods studies of how bilingual Latino readers learn reading comprehension strategies, of teachers working with English learners, and of literacy instruction in Mexican schools. These studies involved case study, micro-ethnography, and discourse analysis.

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